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The 5 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

1. Choose a Good Host

When it comes to your site speed and performance, hosting makes all the difference. Different hosting platforms have different strengths and weaknesses. You need to do some research to determine which hosting service is right for you.

2. Relevant URL Site Address

Make sure your URL is relevant. Your URL is your sites addresses and it should represent either your company name or what visitors will find on your website. It is common practice to use your company name with no spaces followed by a domain name like .com or .org. However, often times it makes more sense to have a URL that is related to the type of business your company conducts instead. Nonetheless, make sure your URL is relevant to your company.

3. Build a Strong, Responsive, and Mobile Friendly Website

Google algorithms taken in account for responsive and mobile friendly websites. Meaning, Google de-ranks websites that are outdated, not user-friendly, and are not mobile compatible. A strong and effective site should be at the center of your online presence. All of your social media outreach, search engine results and online advertising should be geared toward directing qualified traffic to your site so that you are able to convert users into paying customers.

4. Create Useful Content

Content is important for ranking because it helps drive extra traffic, notifies Google that you are active, and ultimately helps drive more business, resulting in growth. Content come in different forms, including blogs, educational articles, videos, or infographics. You can choose a topic to write about that is relevant to your business to help drive potential customers. “Content” can be viewed as “nets” and the more “nets” you have the more likely you are to catch a customer. Good content will inform, instruct, solve, and or sell.  Make sure you content is unique and enriched with relevant key terms to give a SEO boost!

5. Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your site is search engine optimized “SEO”! Organic search engine optimization and content marketing help aid the juice you need to bump your rankings. Use relevant titles and meta descriptions content and tags. Target keywords which are relevant to your business. For on-page SEO, your content should include words and phrases that you want to rank for. Have relevant content on your site, as discussed above, having relevant content helps drive traffic to your site and boost overall SEO. Finally, try and gain referring links from high ranking and high authority websites. Gaining referring links from high authority websites gives your business site a substantial boost in search rankings, as well as increasing your sites authority.

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