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4 Ways to Improve SEO: Rank First Page of Google

Here are 4 ways you can improve your SEO and get your local business ranking on the First Page of Google! Our Los Angeles SEO experts and digital marketing consultants have created a list of responses to our frequently asked questions regarding search engine optimization and content marketing and four ways on how you can improve SEO and boost your search rankings:

1. What is the Importance of Keyword Placement?

 When dealing with SEO, keyword placement, in other words, where your keywords are placed on a page is very important. For example, in most search engines, like Google, give keywords placed in the Title of the page or in Heading tags are given more relevancy. While, other search engines place more relevancy to those keywords in the linked text.

2. What is the Best Strategy for Keyword Frequency?

 The best SEO keyword frequency strategy to remember is NOT to go overboard! Repeating the same word too many times will caused you to get penalized for “keyword stuffing” or “word stuffing” for spamming. While, there is no “magic number” of how many times you can use the same word, you need to find a balance. General rule of thumb you want to create engaging, relevant content which is both informative and enables you repeat your keyword on that specific page a handful of times, without looking “spammy”. This is where, keyword weight and keyword proximity comes into play with search engine optimization.


3. What is Keyword Weight?

Keyword weight refers to the keywords appearing on your website, in comparison to the total number of words appearing on that same page. Search engines consider keyword weight in determining where to rank your Web site for a targeted keyword search or phrase. A good SEO practice is to create ‘smaller’ sub pages, typically a paragraph, which emphasizes the particular keyword you are trying to rank for or target. The goal of keeping the overall number of words in those particular pages to a minimum which enables you to add “weight” of that specific keyword you are attempting to focus on.


4. What is SEO Content Writing?

 SEO Content Writing involves the process of integrating keywords and informative phrases which make up the actual content on your site and its subsequent pages. posting blog articles relevant to your local business will give your site a boost in rankings. Content marketing for SEO purposes can include posting blog articles, relevant to your local business and industry. 
  • Ensure that the content includes a eye catching title, which drives the visitor to visit your page and actually read what your business has to offer. 
  • The content should be directed to your specified target audience and the type of visitors you wish to attract
  • Avoid using complex language, make your content understandable to the reader.
  • Don’t bunch up too many words in one paragraph, this not only makes it hard for the reader to follow along and does no good for your digital marketing and SEO strategy.
  • You may also integrate visuals, such as infographics, along with the content to give your visitors something aesthetically pleasing to follow along, thereby simultaneously decreasing your site’s ‘bounce rate’.
  • Lastly, keyword density must be strictly followed per search engine guidelines.

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